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Glen Fahs, PhD, Lead Resilitator - Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Glen Fahs, PhD, Lead Resilitator - Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Michelle Atlas, Trainer / Coach Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Michelle Atlas, Trainer / Coach Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Gideon For-Mukwai - Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Gideon For-Mukwai - Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Rob McBride - International speaker and motivator

Rob McBride - International speaker and motivator

Gideon For-Mukwai, MA, CEM

Gideon For-Mukwai - Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Gideon For-Mukwai – Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Certified Resiliency Facilitator

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Gideon For-Mukwai, MA, CEM’s Specialties:

  • Internet safety and cyber bullying for kids
  • Storytelling for leaders and organizations
  • Youth (student) leadership and personal empowerment
  • Social media in stakeholder engagement, crisis management and job hunting

In my career as a trainer since 2004, I have worked with supervisors and executives from fortune 500 companies, non profit organizations and SMEs in Asia, Africa and North America. I have also worked extensively with students.

I am fascinated by the process of designing and delivering compelling training programs on issues relating to social media, communication and resiliency.

My social media programs have focused mainly on Internet (online) safety and cyber bullying for students and the use of social media in stakeholder engagement by SMEs and non profit organizations.

With respect to communication, I have delivered programs on how leaders use stories to lead and how organizations use storytelling in selling and sustaining their brands.

My resiliency programs have helped at-risk youth to face adversity with audacity and to be involved with youth development and personal empowerment programs.

I believe my experience from Asia, Africa, and America gives me a broad and unique understanding of how to engage, educate and communicate and with audiences of diverse backgrounds.

Armed with a wealth of experience from presenting award-winning speeches and speaking frequently at professional conferences on 3 continents, I believe I have the skills required to ignite and orchestrate change through training.

Glen Fahs, PhD

Certified Resiliency Facilitator – Lead Resilitator

Glen Fahs, PhD, Resiliency Center Lead Resilitator

Glen Fahs, PhD, Lead Resilitator – Resiliency Facilitator

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Glen Fahs is the former Director of Training and Organization Development at Cascade Employers Association in Salem, Oregon, an Association providing human resource expertise and developing employees for over 430 employers in Oregon and Washington, including a number of governmental agencies. He has been at Cascade for 20 years, following eight years in government and 17 years in higher continuing education administration.

He serves the Resiliency Center as Lead Facilitator in Portland, where he trains, mentors and certifies resiliency trainers who use the material of Dr. Al Siebert. Glen and Al partnered on many Surviving and Thriving on Change workshops, conferences and articles, including a series preparing employees for layoffs when Glen was in charge of training for the State of Oregon. He has been interviewed for several national publications.

Glen earned his BA in Psychology-Speech Communication from San Francisco State University and his PhD in Adult Education and Organization Development from the University of Michigan. His research has focused on reducing feelings of powerlessness, on transition processes and on creative problem solving. He is a third generation San Franciscan, living with his family in Portland since 1979.

Glen has over 35 years of management, coaching, team building and training experience. He has developed teams for many organizations, coached at all levels – including CEOs, and taught for 12 colleges and universities in the areas of communication, management, and education.

He has worked both internally and as a consultant to corporations, colleges, governments and nonprofits in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, and change management. Glen’s coaching and training often focus making organizations successful and great places to work.

Glen’s board experience includes:

  • Al Siebert Resiliency Center
  • American Society for Training and Development (now Association for Talent Development) — Western States Regional Officer and state chapter President
  • Oregon Mediation Association — Education Director
  • Oregon Organization Development Network
  • United Way Mid-Willamette Valley
  • Willamette West Habitat for Humanity — 12 years

Glen puts his resiliency skills to the test often and appreciates those who bounce back from adversity.

Rob McBride

Certified Resiliency Facilitator

Rob McBride - Resilitator Speaker Facilitator Author

Rob McBride - International speaker and motivator

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International Public Speaker who motivates, inspires and trains people. His keynotes, seminars and workshops enhance effectiveness and increase corporate productivity with concrete, dynamic tools which enable people to take control of their professional direction and destiny.

Created and developed his own success using the fundamentals of “It’s the Bounce that Counts.” His professional experience and education establish a broad base of knowledge utilized to convey clear concise ideas which empower professional and personal excellence.

* Master of Business Administration in International Business, American Graduate School of International Management, (Thunderbird), Glendale, Arizona, USA, 1985
* Bachelor of Science in Administration, University of Colorado, USA, 1984

Inspire, C.A.,  President,  Venezuela, since 2002
Seligman International, Marketing Director, Argentina, 1999 ~ 2002
Merrill Lynch,  Financial Consultant,  Caracas,  Venezuela, 1992 ~ 1999
Liberty Financial Securities, Senior Investment Manager, Colorado, USA, 1986 ~ 1992


It’s the Bounce that Counts – Principle behind Inspire
Eppa – Formula to achieve personal and professional success
Lunar Letter – Newsletter published with each full moon sharing his philosophy
A Special Gift – Rob’s first book which develops an action plan to a more plentiful and productive life
Little by Little We Go Far – Rob’s second book which defines the principle “It’s the Bounce that Counts!”

See Rob’s complete information here:

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Glen Fahs, PhD, Resiliency Center Lead Resilitator
Glen Fahs
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